As a leading lanyard supplier and manufacturer in Singapore,

we specialise in custom printed lanyards for corporate, commercial, sports, school and individual use, we make all types of  high quality lanyards with accessories at low cost, fast turnaround time, regardless high or low quantity.

Company logo, company’s slogan, messages and designs can printed by dye sublimation, silkscreen, heat transfer or even knitted and woven methods. With a wide range of metal and plastic accessories to choose, like safety breakaway, buckle, USB flash drive, retractable reel, metal hook, ID holder and more.

Our lanyards can be made with cotton, nylon, reflective material, polyester, PVC, genuine leather,  PU leather, satin, knitted or woven. We also offer a full range of Pantone Colour Systemâ„¢ lanyard materials to suit your organisation’s corporate colours. Below are a list of our commonly stock lanyard colours.

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Heat Transfer Lanyards

Heat transfer lanyards are made from polyester threads that are soft and comfortable to wear. Heat transfer lanyards are best for full colour intricate designs.

Heat Transfer Lanyards

Nylon Lanyards

Our nylon lanyards are made from woven soft nylon materials which are smooth with sheen, durable and holds well to wear and tear. The smooth surface are perfect for intricate designs with superior printing details.

Nylon Lanyards

Polyester Lanyards

Our polyester lanyards are made of top quality polyester materials that are durable and hardy. Company logos and messages are imprinted by screen printing to produce vibrant and wear resistant printed lanyards.

Polyester Lanyards

Custom Multi Colours Polyester Lanyards

Multi Colours Polyester Lanyards

Plastic Lanyards

Plastic lanyards are also known as PVC lanyards and are made from silicone rubber.

Plastic PVC Lanyards