About Us

eNetiq Asia Co Limited is a multidisciplinary design studio and a prototyping workshop based Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and a sales office in United Kingdom. Since established we specialised in graphic design, website design, product design, product development, 3D structural design and 2D design. with over a decade of working experience working with our customers on developing programs, execute programs and implementing communication programs to produce visible impact to meet their strategic goals, objectives and successful return on investment.

eNetiq Asia focused on three main areas that are graphic design, website design and product design. Our works includes corporate identity design, currency design, cheque design, collateral design, commerical photography, logo design, packaging design, ecommerce website design, electronic learning (elearning), email marketing, internet marketing, online publications, sales lead generation, search engine optimisation (SEO), website design, corporate gifts design, computer peripherals design, mascots design, medals design, trophies design and more.